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Nakagin Capsule Tower current condition report

Nakagin Capsule Tower current condition report by Jin Hidaka, SLOWMEDIA.
Q: What led to the deterioration of the building?
A: NCT has many trouble of waterproof and plumbing. the photo is taken at the 3rd floor level terrace, which is like a pedestall of the capsule trees. you can see the water flow from drainpipe.
the image is on one of the bridges connecting two capsule towers. you can see the broken ceiling by water from plumbing and rainfall.
close-up image of the broken ceiling.
close-up image inside the ceiling. the plumbing condition is really bad.
it is difficult to change those plumbing because they go between the capsules and the gap of the capsules is really narrow you cannot reach.
also the structure is damaged by water. the concrete box in the center of the picture is a blacket of a capsule. there are two blacket on the bottom and two bolts on the top of each capsules. only 4 small connection is an essential structure for capsule to connect to the concrete core structure. it is really dangerous to see such damaged connection part and quick repair is necessary.
capsule itself is made of steel structure and also damaged by water.
waterproof is damaged also inside the building. the photo is an entrance of a capsule. the joint between capsules and the concrete core structure (staircase) is broken at some part.
extra problem is asbestos used for insulation of all the capsules.
(all photos by Jin Hidaka, in July 2008.)