April 17, 2011

T=15mm bench

Material: Stainless Steel Plate t=5.0mm + EPDM t=10mm, total t=15mm
Design: Jin Hidaka, SLOWMEDIA
Structural Design: Jun Sato

March 03, 2011

Nakagin Capsule Tower construction process


The process of the construction of NCT was very unique. Two concrete core structure was standing at first, then they put 140 capsules one by one, from the bottom to the top.
The structure system is designed as much simple as possible regarding this construction process, as you have to hang each capsules by crane. (Since the site is in Ginza, in the center of Tokyo, there were already so many buildings around and in such high density downtown, you could not keep enough space to stock capsules. So they have transported each capsules every day on trucks.)
The weight of a capsule is about 4.1t and it is connected to the concrete core structure with two blacket on the bottom and four bolts on the top.
With crane, it was not so easy to do with such very simple connection, at first you had to control very precisely a capsule to the right position and to joint at the bottom to the blacket. Then you will slightly turn the capsule up to connect four bolts at the top.
They did not understand the problem because of this process at that time. The problem is: it is not easy to take a given capsule to change, since they put all the capsules from the bottom to the top of the building, you do not have enough space to take that given capsule. It is constructed from the bottom to the top, it should be taken off from the top to the bottom. Hmmmm...not so flexible.

The plumbing is damaged in a long day exposed in the outside around the capsules. But it is difficult to change any given plumbing at NCT, again, with the same reason of construction process.


All the plumbings are put into a frame to consist an 'equipment capsule'. But the shape of the frame is very narrow and they put this equipment capsule to the concrete core structure before than capsules. So it is not possible to take off the equipment capsules without taking off some capsules. Also it is not possible to change plumbings when they are behind some, you cannot reach them.
With these reasons, a feasible way of renovation is not changing capsules one by one but to do it at once, including the change of the equipment system.

February 25, 2011

Nakagin Capsule Tower poster for UIA2011, Tokyo conrefence

download is available at archive

Nakagin Capsule Tower current condition report

Nakagin Capsule Tower current condition report by Jin Hidaka, SLOWMEDIA.
Q: What led to the deterioration of the building?
A: NCT has many trouble of waterproof and plumbing. the photo is taken at the 3rd floor level terrace, which is like a pedestall of the capsule trees. you can see the water flow from drainpipe.
the image is on one of the bridges connecting two capsule towers. you can see the broken ceiling by water from plumbing and rainfall.
close-up image of the broken ceiling.
close-up image inside the ceiling. the plumbing condition is really bad.
it is difficult to change those plumbing because they go between the capsules and the gap of the capsules is really narrow you cannot reach.
also the structure is damaged by water. the concrete box in the center of the picture is a blacket of a capsule. there are two blacket on the bottom and two bolts on the top of each capsules. only 4 small connection is an essential structure for capsule to connect to the concrete core structure. it is really dangerous to see such damaged connection part and quick repair is necessary.
capsule itself is made of steel structure and also damaged by water.
waterproof is damaged also inside the building. the photo is an entrance of a capsule. the joint between capsules and the concrete core structure (staircase) is broken at some part.
extra problem is asbestos used for insulation of all the capsules.
(all photos by Jin Hidaka, in July 2008.)

January 15, 2011

Lighting Project for Yoyogi Gymnasium

Responsive Environment:: a lighting design proposal for Yoyogi Olympic Gymnasium by Kenzo Tange.for a welcome party of UIA2011 Tokyo.

Are capsules able to provide Green Architecture?

kisho kurokawa had a conceptual case study of using capsules on natural topography:
it is a kind of hidden (unbuilt) project from him, for the same client after nakagin capsule tower.
the site is izu area 1-2hours from tokyo by express railway, a resort with lifecare service.
the concept is to build a steel truss structure on mountain much higher above the natural landscape with minimum change of the wood and put capsules on the structure.
since it is conceived in early 70's, the structure system will be mega scale and it would actually give much impact for ecology of the mountain, but the concept is much interesting.
this project was conceived earlier than 'Pasadena Heights'210.png 211.jpg
which was realized in 1974 by Kiyonori Kikutake.
but the structure system and the concept is quite different.

January 11, 2011

SLOWMEDIA new office in fisherman's town

SLOWMEDIA office has moved to a small fisherman's town in Kotsubo, Zushi. It is one of the oldest port near Kamakura.
view from our office.
night view. This project is consist of 50% renovation (right part) 50% new construction (left part).

October 26, 2009

Solferino shop @Marunouchi brick square


Solferino shop has opened at Marunouchi Brick Square of Marunouchi Park Building
SLOWMEDIA has designed this shop, using red oil-painted wood like violin for the pedestall and the upper part is white luminescent wall by 300 module of LED. This shop is the second shop of E.Marinella Napolialso designed by SLOWMEDIA. (Construction:Tansei TDC Photo:Tetsu Hiraga)

Environmental Performance @Yokohama




Responsive Environment::Environmental Performance 'Mediascape@Yokohama' on October 17th, 2009 at the newly opened park 'Zo-no-hana-terrace' in the central bayarea in Yokohama city. With 20 flame machine controlled with the original operation system.'Zo-no-hana-terrace' website 
Responsive Environment info
youtube movie

Vineyard Restauran Project




Responsive Environment (Jin Hidaka+Takao Nishizawa) is preparing a vineyard restaurant project in Akayu, Yamagata. October 4th, 2009, as a trial of the project, we opened a temporary restaurant for one night. This project is in coopearation with Takinami, a japanese traditional 'ryokan' with very nice hotspring. To be continued for realizing a permanent restaurant.

Shimanami-Kaido competition

Responsive Environment (Jin Hidaka+Takao Nishizawa) won the first prize of Shimanami Kaido 10th anniversary competition.
Our proposal is new design for the water traffic system like Sea-Train.

August 22, 2009

Soft Architecture @St.Mary's Cathedral, Tokyo 2009

Responsive Environment::Sep 02, 04 RE has presented again at St.Mary's Cathedral, 'Soft Architecture'.



November 06, 2008


Responsive Environment::

September 09, 2008



Responsive Environment::Lighting installation in an old traditional brewery.Oct.4-5,in masuda, akita pref. RE is invited for a traditional warehouse festival of the city.

August 27, 2008

SOFT ARCHITECTURE@Yoyogi Olympic Gymnasium

Responsive Environment:: The Yoyogi Olympic Gymnasium is designed by Kenzo Tange, for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. Responsive Environment will produce a spacial performance on October 10,2008. LED lighting system sponsored by Color Kinetics Japan.photo:Midori Masuda

Mediascape @Shinkiba


Responsive Environment:: is preparing an installation work in Shinkiba area.
Since this area is in a way of huge development including land reclamation, RE is focusing on the potential of the very calm water surface in the central area of Tokyo.
Shinkiba used to be a large lumberyard using the sea surface to get rid of the water inside lumbers with salt water. For this facility, they have large lumber cage in the middle of the sea. 20 flame machines would be installed on the cage and remote controlled by our original devices.

Mediascape @Shibuya


Responsive Environment:: 'Shibuya 1000' project will take place in the central area in Shibuya, including newly opened subway station by Tadao Ando in October 3-13, 2008. RE is preparing a lighting installation project using LED lighting system.

July 13, 2008


Responsive Environment::